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At the Utah Justice Coalition we understand that it’s important to not only be “tough on crime,” but to be smart on crime. Our organization consists of people who have been actively involved in the political and legal communities in Utah for many years. We plan to use that experience to educate the public on many desperately needed reforms to the criminal justice system within Utah.

Many of the issues we hope to advance in this state have been in the works for several years. There are multiple great organizations in this state that work tirelessly for these issues. Our hope is to be an additional voice in that fight, as we exclusively work to promote common sense reforms to our justice system.

Some of the reforms we hope to achieve include civil asset forfeiture reform, prosecutorial integrity reforms, the repeal of the death penalty, and the general over criminalization of activities in this state and nationwide.

Our battles can’t be won without your assistance. Follow our Facebook as well as this website to stay up to date on our current projects, and to hear about opportunities to get involved

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